After dozens of hours testing screencasting tools, we recommend Screencastify for students and teachers

The beauty of screencasting tools is how easy they are international journal , whether your students create videos to demonstrate learning or you record your own lessons to share with them. It can be tricky, however, to determine the best screencasting tool for the classroom, as most options have a limited free version along with a paid subscription.

If you currently have access to a premium Zoom account or a Google Workspace for Education account (with Google Meet), the recording capabilities of those video-conferencing tools might be all you need. Take a look at this tutorial on screencasting with Zoom or this tutorial on screencasting with Google Meet to learn more about their features.

For those of you looking for a standalone screencasting tool, we’ve explored the options available and picked apart everything from price to ease of use. An overall winner emerged, but depending on your needs, one of the alternatives (or free plans) might be a good fit. Check out our favorites below to find the right screencasting tool for your classroom.

Our selection
This is the tool we feel best balances everything you’d want in a screencasting tool, including simple controls, useful editing features, and an attractive price.

What’s Your Dining Table Style?

If you want to design a dining room space in your home that reflects your personal aesthetic, your choice of table is crucial. And since there are so many styles to pick from, we thought we’d share some tips to help you pick a design that best suits your preferences

If you consider yourself a minimalist, pick a simple metal table with no detail or frills, like the one pictured above. The simple, clean lines and industrial feel is perfect for a sleek, minimalist home. Not only that, if you’re designing a family dining space that will be frequented by children, such a simple metal table is extremely easy to keep clean – and the most common styles available typically seat six to eight people.

If you’re trying to design a nice dining space because you like to entertain guests, look for a dining table that extends. These are great options for couples, for example. If you’re a working professional, designing a dining space for a newlywed couple that lives in a home just the two of them for example, but often like to host friends on the weekends, an extending table is the perfect choice. Look for a drop-leaf table to start your search.

Monkeypox On Campus: Universities Plan for New Health Threat

At least five universities have already confirmed cases of the virus among students over the summer: Georgetown University and George Washington University, both in in Washington, DC; the University of Texas at Austin; and Bucknell and West Chester universities in destilasi uap Pennsylvania.

Even before classes resume for the fall semester, fears are growing that those cases signal what will likely be a rise in monkeypox infections as students, staff, and faculty return to campuses.

“Colleges and universities need to be proactive,” and “what they need to have in place is a plan so they’re not doing it on the fly,” says Amesh Adalja, MD, an infectious disease specialist and senior scholar with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Schools need to make sure their campus medical staff is educated about monkeypox, he says, and make sure students know where the risks are.

“They need to have some connection with getting students tested on campus,” he says. “And they should also coordinate with their local state health departments as more vaccine becomes available for those at-risk populations.”

What a Homework Help Site’s Move to Host Open Educational Resources Could Mean

In May, the homework-help site that relies on student-generated content, Course Hero, dipped its toes into freely available, openly licensed alternatives known as Open free robux generator for roblox Educational Resources, or OER, course materials.

The company took over hosting some popular OER offerings hosted by Lumen Learning, a courseware provider that argues that OER can make higher education more equitable.

When educators stumbled onto the fact that hosting had changed hands, it provoked a backlash. Educators expressed their displeasure on social media and in OER discussion groups, in part because of Course Hero itself, which some educators feel encourages students to cheat with the course notes and other materials posted there, but also because the deal wasn’t announced, and they felt that its parameters were unclear.

Course Hero officials say that the negative reaction came as a surprise.

“Part of this news cycle around this caught us off guard,” says Sean Michael Morris, vice-president of academics at Course Hero.

This was the company’s “first foray” into OER, and it is still figuring out how the OER fits, Morris says. “I mean, there are some ways in which OER is sort of sacrosanct in the education community,” he adds. “And we want to make sure that we’re treating it as best that we can.”

Even the company isn’t sure exactly how the move plays into its larger strategy, it seems.

The Secret of Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

“Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?” this a question many people ask themselves every day. You had spent a lot of money, time and samasitu resources into making your online business available for anyone interested in your products and services but, now that you are finally ready nothing is happening. Why?

The perception of having a website and becoming a successful company almost instantly is a residue we still have from the .com boom. The advertiser’s hope in that age were immense, and many businesses did remarkably well, but as we all well know, many others lost all they had in the process. For a given period it became a massive disaster that threatened to kill the internet while it was still in its infancy.

What should I expect?
The internet, as we know it today, is saturated with start-ups and business. No matter what it is you do, many of them will be competing with you in whatever your business is about. You need to think about your website as a regular front-door store.

You wouldn’t open a brand new store by just opening your door and sit down to wait for customers to walk in without even putting your name at the front. Likewise, when you start your business online you need to put the word out that you are open for business, tell everyone your location and make some marketing efforts to bring in your new customers. It doesn’t matter how good your products and services are or how cheap you sell them for there is no way people will find your store and make any kind of business with you. No one will know you even exist!

What to do then?
The first thing you should have is an excellent website, one that not only looks and works good, but it’s also compliant with Google’s, Bing’s and other search engines requirements. Besides that, there are a lot of rules and regulations a website need to follow in order to receive better rankings once search engine bots and other organizations start collecting information from it.

Let’s list a few:
Structured Data and Schemas

Structured Data, also know as Schemas, have to be implemented on the site to let the search engines, and other services bots, know what each section of your site is about. Products, services, reviews, blog articles, events and more, each needs to have a properly structured data/schema that explains, in code, each of the different areas of your site and what they are intended to for.

The code

The code has to be done in a nice way so the search engines can collect all the information fast and easy. The site needs to be on a fast server/hosting in order to give the search engines the best and most complete answer to any query they throw at it.

Step by step instructions to Choose the Right KPIs for Your Business

Key execution pointers (KPIs) are quantifiable business measurements that track and measure an association’s advancement toward its essential objectives. Something beyond numbers, KPIs recount to an anecdote regarding how well an organization is performing. These markers fluctuate by industry, organization and surprisingly separate offices inside an organization. Which KPIs are appropriate for your business? This outline subtleties why KPIs matter, the qualities of a decent KPI and what you can gain from them.

What Is a KPI?
A KPI estimates an organization’s presentation against its essential business targets. Undeniable level KPIs center around an organization’s general exhibition, while lower-level KPIs center around departmental cycles, items and usefulness. An organization doesn’t have to screen such a large number of KPIs – something like 10 is a basic principle. All things considered, estimating everything mists the image of what makes the biggest difference to the association.

There are a wide range of sorts of KPIs. Some attention on monetary execution measurements, for example, income development rate and net revenue. Others center around clients, for example, consumer loyalty or client stir. Then again other KPIs center around tasks, for example, an ideal opportunity to market and profit from speculation, while others focus on representative or ability the executives measurements, like labor force maintenance and turnover. Together, and over the long run, KPIs reveal patterns and different information driven bits of knowledge that illuminate independent direction.

For what reason Do KPIs Matter for Your Business?
KPIs track the measurements that are generally vital to accomplishing a business’ essential objectives. They are especially significant when examined with regards to and close by other KPIs, regularly in a dashboard that gives a far reaching perspective on how various parts of an organization are faring. KPIs give an assortment of bits of knowledge. Among the greatest, they:

Screen Company Health: KPIs can be gathered in an assortment of ways – hierarchical or functional, driving or slacking, and by client, financials, development or interaction. Taken together, they demonstrate how well an association is performing.
Measure Progress: KPIs by their very definition measure progress on an organization’s key business goals. Assuming one of an organization’s objectives is to build yearly deals by 20%, then, at that point, KPIs like month to month deals development and month to month deals appointments can assist it with measuring progress toward that objective.
Change Goals and Targets: Before an organization can pick its KPIs, it should initially lay out its destinations. Yet, conditions can change. By observing KPIs frequently, even day by day, an organization might understand a goal is ridiculous or at this point not lined up with the business’ development stage. This understanding allows partners an opportunity to change their arrangements to turn out better for the association.
Distinguish Problems to Solve: KPI examination can reveal an issue that may somehow go undetected. For instance, advertising KPIs connected with the organization’s site, for example, a high bob rate or a drop in every day dynamic utilization, can flag that pages are stacking too leisurely or contain broken connections.
Examine Patterns: When KPIs are estimated over the long run, for example, month over month, examples and patterns frequently arise that can illuminate direction. On the off chance that deals for a specific item aren’t developing, maybe a promoting effort is all together. Or then again assuming the pace of item return has expanded more than a six-month time span, that could show an issue with assembling.
Process Efficiency: When KPIs are applied to business processes, organizations can all the more effectively recognize bottlenecks and settle on asset choices to further develop proficiency. For instance, in the event that it takes 5 work days for stock got to be accessible to sell then the organization might need to consider extra interest in human or innovation assets to lessen the time.

The most effective method to Choose a Green Business Certification

The two purchasers and financial backers rush to organizations that consideration about the climate. Yet, be fair and square, since they’ll likewise boycott “greenwashers” who make misleading cases about their effect on the climate.
Green business affirmations are a heavenly method for winning the endorsement of said purchasers and financial backers. Nonetheless, they’re not all made equivalent.
Demonstrate your organization’s green cred by picking the proper accreditation for your industry. Peruse on for a total once-over.
Getting a green business affirmation pays off. Consider that completely 86% of buyers say organizations should stand firm on friendly and natural issues, as per the Shelton Group’s 2018 Brands and Stands report. As anyone might expect, they think about that responsibility while choosing what to buy.

The developing interest has not gone unrecognized by financial backers. A green business accreditation can likewise assist you with getting green securities, which asset projects that benefit the climate across energy, transportation, development and different areas. As indicated by examiners, there aren’t sufficient ensured venture potential chances to support these bonds’ triple-digit yearly development. Reserve directors are effectively looking for organizations that are hoping to keep a good overall arrangement sheet while aiding the climate.

In spite of the developing interest from buyers and financial backers the same, there actually is anything but a focal overseeing office accountable for controlling and affirming the green practices and claims. Albeit that has welcomed a few organizations making misleading cases – also known as greenwashing – we are seeing administrative development to put bogus cases down. Bogus cases about natural effect can land any organization in steaming hot water with the Federal Trade Commission, also considerate prosecution from private gatherings.

Assuming your image is looking for demonstrate its effect in a genuine manner, regarded certificates exist. Prior to pushing ahead, notice specialists’ contemplations and figure out how to distinguish the most legitimate green certificates.

Due Diligence: How to Close the Deal With a Venture Capitalist

Step by step instructions to Establish Business Credit for a Small Business. Numerous business people consider their organizations expansions of themselves. It’s an extremely human sense given that each organization springs from a thought, sustained by ability and difficult work. However, as a proprietor, neglecting to isolate business and individual accounting records is a misstep that can be exorbitant for both you and your organization.

Laying out business credit is a firewall against certain monetary and assessment liabilities in that it lays out that you and your business are independent lawful substances. Business credit may likewise open doors by making your organization qualified to acquire higher measures of cash and try not to need to prepay for provisions.

Notwithstanding, it very well may be interesting for new companies and little firms to lay out business credit. Numerous loan specialists need proprietors to assume individual liability for reimbursing obligation. Further, business accounts frequently don’t convey similar securities from robbery, misrepresentation and cybercrime as buyer accounts do. While there are potential gains to business accounts, for example, appealing prizes programs for business Visas that beat what purchaser cards offer, the bait of better security captivates some entrepreneurs to utilize individual Visas and financial balances for their organizations.

That might appear to be a generally safe choice, however the truth of the matter is, it presents monetary risks and getting obstructions and may restrain development.

What Is Business Credit?
Stretched out business credit is to be utilized for rigorously business purposes. As such, the entrepreneur can’t utilize the credit to pay for individual costs or things.

Business credit is accessible in many structures, including charge cards, advances and credit extensions to cover routine costs or asset development drives. Credit extensions are regularly used to cover functional costs, not to buy resources. Preferably, a charge card would be utilized for a similar reason yet may be utilized to buy cheaper resources, similar to PCs and office gear.

Like individual credit, business credit is appraised or scored by hazard firms like Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Be that as it may, there are extra specialty business hazard rating offices as well, like Dun and Bradstreet, and an assortment of specialty business credit reports.

Who has labored for years together along with his crew to convey characteristic

“It’s some thing that got here to us as though with the aid of using magic,” he stated. “We acquired this generation from Fandrich and started out to paintings on it — and our discoveries went past our expectations.” The generation is the Fandrich vertical mechanism of action — a chain of additives that make it feasible to copy the moves of a grand piano on an upright piano. “I am creating a prediction: Once it begins, the present day generation could be visible as Neanderthal” stated Esmonde-White. “This isn’t anyt any small revolution.

It is a main step forward withinside the global of sound, generation. The equal upright piano sounds two times as desirable and performs at the least two times as well. It’s not possible that when it receives going, the producers won’t get on board.” A range of trials with the aid of using expert pianists are conclusive, he stated. “We taped (classical pianist and composer) Marc-André Hamel with the piano. It appears like a seven-foot piano in a cathedral with the microphones inside. “We made openings on the the front of the piano, whilst maintaining it partially closed. It created a resonance chamber — a chunk like a mini live performance corridor in the piano.”

Twitter presentations the NFT profile photos as hexagons, differentiating them from the usual

Tapping at the photos activates information about the artwork and its possession to appear. Like different tech companies, Twitter is speeding to coins in on crypto traits like NFTs, a form of speculative asset authenticating virtual objects along with images, motion pictures and land in digital worlds. The social media platform remaining yr brought capability for customers to ship and acquire Bitcoin. Sales of NFTs reached some $25 billion in 2021, in keeping with records from marketplace tracker DappRadar, despite the fact that there have been symptoms and symptoms of boom slowing towards the give up of the yr.

Proponents of “Web3” technology like NFTs say they decentralize possession online, growing a route for customers to earn cash from famous creations, as opposed to having the ones advantages accrue commonly to a handful of tech platforms. Critics disregard the decentralization claims, noting that some of the offerings powering adoption of these technology – just like the six crypto wallets supported via way of means of Twitter’s NFT product – are subsidized via way of means of a small organization of undertaking capitalists.

In a broadly circulated tweet after the launch, protection researcher Jane Manchun Wong highlighted one of these links, displaying how an outage at undertaking-subsidized NFT market OpenSea briefly blocked NFTs from loading on Twitter. OpenSea did now no longer right away reply to a request from Reuters for comment. (Reporting via way of means of Katie Paul; Editing via way of means of Simon Cameron-Moore)