November 2022

After dozens of hours testing screencasting tools, we recommend Screencastify for students and teachers

The beauty of screencasting tools is how easy they are international journal , whether your students create videos to demonstrate learning or you record your own lessons to share with them. It can be tricky, however, to determine the best screencasting tool for the classroom, as most options have a limited free version along with a paid subscription.

If you currently have access to a premium Zoom account or a Google Workspace for Education account (with Google Meet), the recording capabilities of those video-conferencing tools might be all you need. Take a look at this tutorial on screencasting with Zoom or this tutorial on screencasting with Google Meet to learn more about their features.

For those of you looking for a standalone screencasting tool, we’ve explored the options available and picked apart everything from price to ease of use. An overall winner emerged, but depending on your needs, one of the alternatives (or free plans) might be a good fit. Check out our favorites below to find the right screencasting tool for your classroom.

Our selection
This is the tool we feel best balances everything you’d want in a screencasting tool, including simple controls, useful editing features, and an attractive price.

What’s Your Dining Table Style?

If you want to design a dining room space in your home that reflects your personal aesthetic, your choice of table is crucial. And since there are so many styles to pick from, we thought we’d share some tips to help you pick a design that best suits your preferences

If you consider yourself a minimalist, pick a simple metal table with no detail or frills, like the one pictured above. The simple, clean lines and industrial feel is perfect for a sleek, minimalist home. Not only that, if you’re designing a family dining space that will be frequented by children, such a simple metal table is extremely easy to keep clean – and the most common styles available typically seat six to eight people.

If you’re trying to design a nice dining space because you like to entertain guests, look for a dining table that extends. These are great options for couples, for example. If you’re a working professional, designing a dining space for a newlywed couple that lives in a home just the two of them for example, but often like to host friends on the weekends, an extending table is the perfect choice. Look for a drop-leaf table to start your search.