The Secret of Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

“Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?” this a question many people ask themselves every day. You had spent a lot of money, time and samasitu resources into making your online business available for anyone interested in your products and services but, now that you are finally ready nothing is happening. Why?

The perception of having a website and becoming a successful company almost instantly is a residue we still have from the .com boom. The advertiser’s hope in that age were immense, and many businesses did remarkably well, but as we all well know, many others lost all they had in the process. For a given period it became a massive disaster that threatened to kill the internet while it was still in its infancy.

What should I expect?
The internet, as we know it today, is saturated with start-ups and business. No matter what it is you do, many of them will be competing with you in whatever your business is about. You need to think about your website as a regular front-door store.

You wouldn’t open a brand new store by just opening your door and sit down to wait for customers to walk in without even putting your name at the front. Likewise, when you start your business online you need to put the word out that you are open for business, tell everyone your location and make some marketing efforts to bring in your new customers. It doesn’t matter how good your products and services are or how cheap you sell them for there is no way people will find your store and make any kind of business with you. No one will know you even exist!

What to do then?
The first thing you should have is an excellent website, one that not only looks and works good, but it’s also compliant with Google’s, Bing’s and other search engines requirements. Besides that, there are a lot of rules and regulations a website need to follow in order to receive better rankings once search engine bots and other organizations start collecting information from it.

Let’s list a few:
Structured Data and Schemas

Structured Data, also know as Schemas, have to be implemented on the site to let the search engines, and other services bots, know what each section of your site is about. Products, services, reviews, blog articles, events and more, each needs to have a properly structured data/schema that explains, in code, each of the different areas of your site and what they are intended to for.

The code

The code has to be done in a nice way so the search engines can collect all the information fast and easy. The site needs to be on a fast server/hosting in order to give the search engines the best and most complete answer to any query they throw at it.